…And So It Begins

Hi there! My name is Jason Garden and I got sick October, 2013. I went to see my doctor because of a stiff neck and he said that it was just the flu. Believing I would be fine in a few days, I went home. I woke up two months later, unsure of what just occurred. I could not speak, I could not move, and I could not breathe. I had a tracheotomy put in and at least 20 machines helping me live. Apparently, I was supposed to die, but they forgot to tell me. Awake, but disoriented; my journey had just begun. Join me in the following months, as I answer questions and attempt to fill in gaps. Part of what I have gone through is nothing but a bad dream to me, but my memory is somewhat clear from February on.

Please, ask me questions! I want to help people understand. I want to help me understand. I really do believe that talking about and explaining situations will unlock memories and maybe I can figure out what the hell actually happened.

I am slowly moving posts onto this site. Update schedule is on the second and on the fifteenth. Please let me know what you think and how I can improve this site.

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