Hamilton: The Awkward Continues

Please, do not be too confused. I actually had a great time in that horrible place. The nurses I saw on a regular basis were fantastic, my rooms were grand, and Physio was moving me in a preferable direction. I speak of that place in horrible terms because number 1: the air was fucking horrid and 2: I had a few friends who lived there and it bothered them to hear me say such harsh things about their home.

I mention the fact that I had several rooms the preface what I am going to complain about this update. I started in a room with Paul, which had its days of being fantastic. Paul left in April because of his progress, and I got a new roommate.

I was moved because I had what was referred to as a “vacuum” on me and it was loud as fuck. The extended lying on my back with little movement had caused a “Pressure sore” on the small of my back. It was kind of interesting. You could see my spine! It took five months to heal, but there is only a small scar that remains to this day.


My eventual point was that they thing I had to heal me was too loud for me to continue having a roommate, and I got a room to myself. The irony, to me, was grand because the machine was removed shortly after my seclusion. It was still very nice to have a life in some sort of solitude, not that I had a bad time.

After a month in the room by myself, and after three months of being in Hamilton, I was moved to a room on the Acquired Brain Injury floor. My roommate was named Derek and he was from KW.

He had a tragic tale, pretty well everyone I met did, but I digress. All you need to know was that he was a great guy, broke his leg in a car accident, and lost a good portion of his personality.

The Acquired Brain Injury (hereby known as ABI) floor was bizarre. It specialized in the recovery of cognitive issues from a trauma to the brain. I did not quite belong there, so I had a very hard time getting accustomed to my surroundings.

The other patients were very nice, and a fair number of them became friends very quickly. The staff and I got along, when we would interact. The nice thing about my location was I was only up one floor. My window had the same view, my friends from the other ward were close by, and I stayed where I was for Physio.

I cannot really go anywhere else with my description: I was only there for a couple of weeks, and I was physically in this weird valley where I just needed a little help, but more than a non-nurse could offer. I was quickly getting sick of hospital, and quickly wanting to see my friends and coworkers.
Well, the next update will finish the rehab stays. Thank you for supporting this project. It has been therapeutic and good practice. Also, thank you for coming along for the site switch.

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