Things I Have Been Doing :: RANDOM UPDATE

I have been busy doing a lot of different things…

First off: Music
There have been many bands I have been spending my hours enjoying. I have re-discovered iTunes, which absolutely destroying my credit card. It is a good thing to stretch my fingers over new releases again. It has been about a year and six months since I listened to new things, and have been enjoying it for the last couple of weeks

I have been horribly missing doing critical reviews as of late. I have sprung to action reviewing a couple of EP’s for my friend Katie Maz as of late. I am very excited. It has been far too long since I heard punk as good as these recordings, and I am very excited.

Part two: Mind The Music, Toronto
I have been working with Katie on fixing up her articles and it is going very well. We are keeping the old website running, just for old articles, but anything upcoming is forwarded over to the new main URL.

Part three: Drumming
I have been working tirelessly to regain what I once had. I am still not at a point to use a double kick peddle right now, but I have regained the ability to play bands like The Strokes. I must say that I am proud to be getting anything back.

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