Things I May Have Forgotten…

Well, I am done catching you up on the hospital visits. This has left me at a very bizarre crossroad where I am not sure where to go next…

So, for this post, I will talk about the little things that happened! There are a few that matter, and a few that did not even matter to me at the time!

I think I will start with my first public appearance after all this had happened. I went to the Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto, Canada. It was just a hop skip and a jump from the hospital, and they offered to cover, not just me, but my mom and my brother as well! It was very cool. There were sharks going over my head at a point or two. I also got a Manta Ray cup! It is blue! :3

I digress; I was completely hooked up to machines as we ventured down the halls and bore witness to the creatures of the deep. I had oxygen tanks, my own nurse, my own doctor (ICU Specialist), I still had a trach tube to assist me in breathing. I had IV’s in both arms and had a very hard time looking to see all that was around me.

I was happy. I was finally out in the world for the first time in a very long time. My gaze was a bit fixated on viewing other people. It was almost like I could not conceive of the idea that they did not care that I had been in hospital for four months at that point. I had a hard time accepting that they did not know how close I was to death just a few weeks earlier. That was a mixed view: both a blessing and a curse. I was so happy that they may not have to deal with what I had just gone through, but I wanted some kind of recognition. This was before I was able to use my hands. I had not touched my cell phone by this point, and there was a plethora of people who assumed that I was dead.

The greatest impact from that day was the weather. Oh, how the snow accumulated. It was actually quite beautiful, especially since I was unaware that the snow had kept up for almost a month at that point. I was completely oblivious to the fact that we were in an arctic vortex and we were in the midst of the coldest weather we had seen for years. Fuck: we were colder than Mars. That is cold. I WAS IN A BED! I HAD NO IDEA! AHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA

So, that was around my first memory. Some people would argue that it was a very important moment and I should hold it in higher regard. I was just so out of it at that point, I cannot express that enough.

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