Something I Did Not Realize…

Did you know that I was to never get feeling back in my legs enough to walk at all?

This was dictated to me by a doctor before I stated my name. I had no clue who it was, but she was telling me how I am to be restricted to this accursed chair for the remainder of my life. Needless to say, I was a bit frustrated. In fact, every therapist in the room was taken back by her brash statement.

No, I cannot walk yet. Not without assistance. However, forever is a bit of a broad statement and I WILL prove it wrong.

So, yeah. I just thought I would share that bit of information. I had forgotten until my mother reminded me today (May 17, 2015). I am okay, just full of rage all over again.

I am looking for recounts of my tale so I can post them on here starting the middle of next month. So far, I have had a few people get back to me, and I am very excited to have there stories availible for the world to read. It you have something you would like to send, e-mail me at jygrdn at gmail dot com.

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