An E-Mail From A Friend

This an e-mail from my friend Kyle Becker.

I cut off the intro paragraph because it was full of personal shit relating to his and my friendship. To paraphrase, we met through a mutual friend of mine and mainly always talked through a middleman. That is not to diminish how much he meant to me. He is a brother, and always will be. Kyle: come over. Let’s chill. Fuck knows that I would love to catch up in person instead of twice-a-month piecemeal like I currently am.

I digress. Without further ado, here is Kyle’s story.


When I checked my Facebook in October 2013 I was devastated by the thought of losing you on this earth. There was so much controversy on the social media from people who had no place discussing your business.

Obviously I immediately contacted Pat . They were planning to visit you, just the old band guys, but Pat insisted that I should come with if I wished, and I felt it was right.

When we got to the waiting room, it was like an old reunion. So many people that had once been friends, but grown apart, had all put aside their differences in the honour of your name. We waited for a while and tried to stay positive in means of moral support for the other people. It was hard to stay quiet as we listened to everyone’s opinion on how things were going. I can’t recall how much time went by but when they said it was our time to go in, my heart stopped.

The thoughts racing through my head. “Going to see Jay, for what could possibly be the last time. Regardless of what the clinic was saying: I refused to believe any of it.”

I’m not trying to sit here and say I knew anything, other than the fact that you were stronger than the typical person they were used to. Even though you were in a comatose state, I honestly felt your presence as if you were awake. As scary as it is, I would love to know what was going on in your mind at that time.

We were told this may very well be goodbye, as I was standing at your side, I held your hand, but refused to say farewell. I told you “this is not the end, we will see you again.”

After more heavy tears we slowly made our way back to town. I was in shock. Seeing you there like that. It almost killed me, you have always been an inspiration to me, and you have not failed to live up to that expectation. I’ve watched all your posts and to see your progress, I can’t say I’ve ever been more proud. I am not trying to take any credit, you are doing this on your own. I guess what I’m trying to say is: Regardless what these medical professionals try to say, they cannot judge character with DNA and testing. The spirit you embrace has carried many people through hard times, and i am every bit confident that you will carry yourself through this as well.

What you are doing everyday and continue to do is a game changer to anyone who has been told defeating facts from their doctor. It brings tears to my eyes to watch you break through with amazing progress. Although the battle is not over, I truly hope you acknowledge the distance you have already travelled. Not in means to slow you down, but in hope to encourage you to finding the battle on your terms. You have traits that I hope to one day acquire.

Your a good man. And a good friend.

I hope one day I can do for you what you have done for me. I’m here if ever you need me.

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