Goals and Goals and Goals and…

I should probably talk about school.

I got accepted to Mohawk College back in March. I did not tell them about my disability before my acceptance because I was afraid to get accepted for unfair reasons. I will need to stay in residence for at least my first year, due to not being physically fit. It really does work out pretty well: Hamilton is just a bit too far to commute to if I could.

I am going to be enrolled in the Urban Development course. My end goal is to work on accessibility in as much of Ontario as possible. I have come across some horrible situations of “accessible” over the last two years, so I want to voice my opinions, and correct what I can.

Even if I am no longer in the wheelchair, I want to advocate for that community.

My biggest fear? To not be well enough to continue. I believe I will be, however. I have made it though everything else so far. I have one more major surgery that I am really far from excited for, but it’s all just recovery after that.


I just recived the Joubin/Selig Scholarship and I am beside myself with excitement. I would like to thank everyone who has pushed me towards this event. I will not let you down.

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