Issues around school and accommodations.

It is not a secret: I got accepted to Mohawk College for Urban Design starting in September. I got a scholarship and thumbs up from the program head for my disability. I have been working tirelessly on trying to get my head back “in the game” and trying to prove to everyone around me that I can and WILL do this.

Now, the issues are piling in.

The recovery time is such that IF EVERYTHING GOES WELL, I’ll be good to start school on the start day. Any hiccup, however, will halt everything. My surgeon is in Kitchener, my GP is in Cambridge, and my family is, well, here. SCHOOL IS A WHOLE HOUR ON A GOOD DAY AWAY, HOWEVER.

The other concern is around diet. I am not a vegetarian, but I eat a diet damn close to being one. I eat all organic food and I avoid things that are “Not Good” for me. Have you seen a college dorm? The food nearby is fucking deplorable.

Though it is just speculation, my current diet seems to be what is aiding my recovery and growth. Giving that up now is raising some eyebrows.

What it comes down to is that I am a twenty-six year old male, and I need to just get on with life.

I have major issues with people being placed in a bubble and kept away from everything with the assumption that things will get better and not doing that will make things worse. People need to live a life. People need to fuck up. People need to get hurt, very hurt, life-threateningly hurt, to learn sometimes. I am no longer saying this with a juvenile outlook on things, I am saying this as someone who has almost died three times and did not. I am saying this as an adult-like person. I am saying this from a wheelchair that I cannot life myself out of.

Is my word law? Hell no. Do I still want some decisions made for me? Fuck yes. I, however, want to make some, as well. I have a brain. I have plans. I cannot voice them all because I am unaware of how they sound, but I have plans.

I want to advocate. I want to speak publicly. I want to have a say in laws and regulation.

I digress.

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