Current Condition

Recap of recovery time!

So, my upper body is fully recovered. Muscle tone in my arms and chest have started to come back. Skin is looking good. Hunger, eating and breathing have all returned to normal.

Numb sections in lower torso are all but gone. I still have reduced muscle mass at the hip joint, and that is the major detraction from my walking. Though the feeling is almost perfect, finally, I still cannot move the toes on the right side. The toes in my left cannot reset themselves to a normal position, but are getting better at doing so everyday.

I have been in the pool 4 times, which have gone very well. Pictures are available, if you are interested.

All in all, I would say that things are coming along well. It has been just shy of two years, but at least six months of that was decay. How long will I be where I am? Well, ask me again after surgery.

Video from August fifteenth, 2015

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