Now: To Explain

Like I promised: I will try my very best to explain why I had to finally break down and ask for help.

Basically, I was accepted into school back in June. I got the scholarship in August, and I was told that I had to pay for attendant services two weeks later.

Now, tell me how that was fair? To explain further; I talked to everyone I could find to make sure that everything was in order. I could not get through to Accessible Learning no matter how hard I tried. My questions fell on def ears and I was lead to believe that everything was fine.

It turns out, not everything was. My social worker and I finally got through to some of the right people who immediately told us how we were doing everything wrong and, magically, everyone knew what to do.

So began the mad dash to get forms filled out, to be put on wait lists, and to be yelled at. I do not even recall all the agencies we spoke to in the end.

We finally spoke to a sympathetic ear over at the organization that the school uses. I was finally informed as to what order things had to go in. I was also informed that I, personally, would be responsible for the first month.


With the goal not only matched, but surpassed, I am very humbled by everyone. I want to hug every one of you who gave me anything. I will pay you back.

2 thoughts on “Now: To Explain

  1. I don’t think that’s necessary, all you need to do is stick it to those who gave you such a hard time by going across that stage to get your diploma! (I’d say flippin em off wouldn’t hurt too but that wouldn’t be very “professional” of me…do it anyways ;))


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