Well, I should probably fill you in about what is going on now, instead of dwelling on financial bullshit.

So, as I have stated, I am a student now at Mohawk College in Hamilton. I have to live in residence because commuting would just be a horrible event. There are one too many hills between my home and here.
I am not serious.

ANYWAY! I have met my roommate. He is very nice. I will not go into too many details because of legal reasons, but I can say he is nice.

My view is actually fantastic. I can see ten trees without actually trying to look around. There is a road, but it is far from busy.

I am a fair distance from the school itself. It takes about five minuets of rolling to reach the doors, but I found a path that is accessible already. Good thing, to, because there are many “wrong” ways to go if you are not paying attention.

So far, students have been courteous and kind, holding doors open and realizing that I cannot travel as fast as most. I have only had one “run in” with someone, and he was just being a dick to pretty well everyone.

Class is not today (Monday, September eighth), but I did meet three fellow patrons. All very friendly. All very clueless as to what to do. With today a free day, my first class will be government and law regulations. As boring as this probably sounds to people, I am beside myself with excitement. Really, computers are the only class I am not excited for.

But, yeah. Not much to say, yet. I am sure there will be more next week. I will, at the very least, know a bit more about the day-to-day and whatnot.

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