So I have written and deleted this post four times now. I know what I want to say, but I really do not want to post what I have had in the past.

My solution: I am going to avoid the pity party and talk about the awesome that has occurred in the recent past.


The other part of the awesome was seeing all of the people that I had not seen (consciously) in years. It was rather fantastic.

It was an outdoor wedding at a golf club. The setting was quite majestic, and the social interaction was incredible. My dad was on standby if something went wrong, but I either managed everything myself (like a boss), or got a hand from people (there was a grassy hill that was the opposite of fun).

I did not stick around for the dance, which I mildly regret. The ceremony itself was gorgeous and the subsequent dinner was grand. Like I said, I got to see many people I once hung around often. It was really great for my morale.


I avoided talking about the horrible!
I feel accomplished!

Seriously; I want to keep the less-fun on the down-low, for now, anyway.

Weddings are a reason to celebrate!

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