Thoughts on Care and Support

It is a weird world, the one of support. You live your life realizing that if you pretend to be able to cope, you will get praise. With support workers, the more you need, the better off you are.

I spent most of my morning looking over the form for Direct Funding. To explain Direct Funding is an organization which gives me the money to employ PSW’s when I need them, as opposed to going through an organization. It sounds really neat!

I found one issue in my application: Where it asked for what services you needed, I could only fill out two. Three were necessary.

The hardest part for me in relinquishing what I can do, even for that quick moment while I check a box. It does not seem to matter that I cannot do something for myself, “they” want to see that I am incapable of being a functioning human, it seems.

I guess the moral of this story is “suck more and everything will be okay.”

I am full of doom and gloom these days.
I think I am just getting really sick of all the political bullshit
I will talk happy soon, I swear.

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