Some Happy Things

I currently live on my own and love my course that I am, at the time of writing this, doing very poorly in but will turn it around not to worry I promise.

Seriously, though: It is probably weird to hear a twenty-six year old praising the independence they have for “the first time.” I cannot explain to anyone how fantastic it is feeling to come to my own place and do whatever I want.

Again: I am well aware that most my age have experienced this. Hell, even I have in short bursts thanks to tour, girlfriends, friends, and just life in general. Really, my home has not been anything but a place where I occasionally sleep for a very long time.

That was the strange part of being in hospital for so long. I really did become accustomed to doing things the way that it seems that I will do them for a long time.

Do I like my bed being made? Doesn’t everyone? It became apparent that the things I was living at home for are things that everyone would appreciate. The things I was loosing was far greater.

So, here I sit in filth of MY OWN CHOOSING and loving every second of it.
Also, this is a happy post. Though I am listening to “Title & Registration” by Death Cab for Cutie, I do so with a huge smile on my face. I am about to get pretty close to null on a project but it was because of me. It is nice that I can blame myself and just carry on and “punish” myself however I see fit.

Anyway, Goodbye!

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