The People Around Me


I am kind of constructing this as I go, so I am sorry if it seems muddled in any way…

So, as the title dictates, I am going to write about a couple people who have gone up and beyond what I ever expected.
First, I have to thank Melanie at SCIO. Her dedication to helping me over the last year and a half has been fantastic. She has tried to assist in every way she knows how, and in some ways she does not! She is new to some of this. Together, we have been searching though laws and all the fun fine print to see what is available and how I can get the necessary help that I need. She has also been an ear and a voice of reason. It has been fantastic working with her.

Second, I have to thank Amanda. She is one of the employees at the residence here in Hamilton. We talked at long length one day about the financial things I have been struggling with. She, having “insider knowledge” about such things, gave me direction with who to talk to and what to say. I am pretty sure she would kill me for posting anything about her, but OH WELL TO LATE!

My teachers have all been great in making sure I am accommodated, even if it is just in stupid little ways. Joan, my program head, is always eager and willing to help me find a spot. I know that seems trivial, but seriously, some of those desks are fucking massive.
They are also great at getting doors. Again: Sounds trivial. I have gone on this rant before.

The collection of people in my course have also been great at making sure I am comfortable and equipped. I am not going to say specific people, but I will say I have not had a negative experience.
Then again, it is only the end of October: They may still come up.*

Finally, I have to mention my friends, once again. They all have busy lives (Shannon and Ryan getting married, Chrissy and Adam getting engaged {finally}…) but they still make the attempt to say hi from time to time.

The unfortunate bit about where I am situated; I am just far enough from “home” to make the commute a drag. It is an hour by car and close to impossible any other way. When someone cannot come through on a wish to come out, I am never offended.
Except for that one time. Yeah. I was salty then…*

I am having a hard time in school right now, but I hope to be clearing that up soon. Keep posted.

OH! I am also bad at updating Social Media when I do a post to Mind The Music TO, which is every Monday. SERIOUSLY: I have come across some great independent talent as of late. Go check some out!
OH! Katie also takes some amazing pictures. That is the point of the site, so I should probably mention that.

*it is hard to express sarcasm in writing, so anything marked with an asterisk is said accompanied by an eye roll and a very interesting inflection

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