Why do I wear gloves?

I have been asked a few times why I wear gloves. People see them and the wheelchair and assume that I have something wrong with my hands, as well.

The main reason is traction. The push-bars on the wheels have little grip and the gloves I wear have a rubber palm, thus making life less hazardous. There is nothing more intimidating than going down a small hill and loosing control.

Another reason is protection. Since I started school, I have gone through three pairs of gloves. The thumb wears out, first. Then the first finger. I then poke my fingers through for accessing things, like my cellphone. It definitely does not help the condition of the gloves, but I take a sick satisfaction in doing so.

The third reason is common sense. I have to push the wheels along the ground. I have to touch the ground. It would be the same as an able-body person touching the bottom of their shoe every step they took.

That is also why I hate weather now

I do take the gloves off, at times. Human touch, laziness, a moment of forgetting. All times when you can see my glorious hands!

I found writing this post rather boring and dry. It is rather un-fun, the life I lead. Ask me questions in the comments below so I have a greater understanding of what people wonder! I will always answer, either in private or on this blog!

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