The Course Swap

I fucked up

So, I tried, I really did. I could not care about the course I was in. I am sorry to all those who really hopped I could.


Starting January, I am switching into a software IT course. I know that I will be successful in that one. I was avoiding going into it because it is dealing with aspects of computers that I have been doing myself for about ten years. Some parts, even longer.

The Urban Development field is just not for me. I know the people I am leaving behind will be successful. I know that it is an important field. I see why it is necessary and how it is very important in the grand scheme. I do not want people to think that I have walked away from it without learning anything. Parts of it were very interesting, and parts of it were very important.

The problem is that I just could not associate it with me, in anyway. I had a very hard time being invested in it because of that. I am embarrassed because I showed such great excitement towards going into that world.

So, to counter what I just experienced, I will not say that I “know that I will do well” this time. I will say that I already know a lot of the programming world. I will say that this course is much closer to the life I already lead. I will say that I do not want to disappoint anyone.

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