My Distractions

I sit in my room, in relative isolation. I am not in classes right now, and most people would be crushed by the boredom.

What do I do to pass the time? GREAT QUESTION

I write. A lot. Either on Mind the Music T.O. or my Tumblr. MTMTO is weekly and is where I get to listen to great independent bands; to voice my opinion. Do I expect to sway opinions? Hell no. I really just want to help people find bands not available through traditional means.

My Tumblr is a graveyard of started ideas and things that I think are great. The only reason to read it is if you want to follow someone else on another social media.

This really is the focus of my time. I use this blog to hone my HTML skills and voice what I think is interesting for people to know.

Off topic: if I truly was afflicted with Viral Meningoencephalitis, I am one of the few people who have ever survived it. Well, in the human race, anyway.

My issue that I have been faced with recently is that I was vaccinated against Meningitis back in my early teens. There is always the assumption that one might loose immunity over time, but I was never told that. I had to figure that out for myself over the last little bit.

Then again, this is assuming I did get Meningitis.

The attention to what got me sick, at this point, is totally without merit. It would be nice to know, I guess. It will not change anything, however. It would just open another can of worms trying to avoid contracting whatever sickness it was again.

Even more fun is thinking that it was a common ailment that went awry. That means ANYONE could get it, and that actually makes me chuckle a bit.

ON A SIDE-SIDE NOTE: It was my birthday back on the twelfth. My friend Steve got me Death From Above 1979’s seminal album “You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine” and I have not stopped spinning it since. So. Fucking. Awesome.

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