My Writing Process

EMPTY CUE?! This cannot be!

Yes, I have been asked how I have kept up with weekly updates. The truth is: Not well. I keep trying, however. I do hope they are at least mildly entertaining and informative. If they are not, please let me know!

I digress. I usually write a week in advance, at least. That gives me time to format the HTML and general aesthetic of the piece. This also allows me time for any research I need to do, spelling and grammar checks, and internal feuding over whether or not to find photos that demonstrate my points. Needless to say: Not cluttering the text with many pictures usually wins.

With that said, I do have an idea for a future post which requires me to adapt a picture or two to portray what it is I want to talk about.

With all this mentioned: if you are in a wheelchair, and close to Mohawk College, drop me a line. I want to get some external input on some of the topics I have in my head. I have opinions and some medical facts, but first hand experience and opinion are some great resources to have.

To close this entry, I would like to mention how my friend Chrissy has a fantastic scarf.

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