The Isolation of a Broken Chair

Well, I think it is safe to say that I am horrible at keeping myself to a schedule when I am bored.

Long time no update! I would say I have nothing to talk about, but that would be a bold faced lie!


I went to a show the other day, and finally the filth and grime has caught up with me: My front wheels are turning at half speed and everything is incredibly difficult, but not impossible. I almost wish that they were.


It has been over two years since I have gone to live music. I maybe went overboard and spent roughly $400 on the excursion.
I stayed overnight in Toronto at the Grand Hotel. That was both the first time I have stayed at a hotel alone, and the first time I have done something of that magnitude myself. Intimidating? Mildly. I survived, however! And I only killed two people!
The venue I went to was this little vegan cafe call D’Beatstro on Bloor St. It was very cute and tried so hard to be wheelchair accessible. It only failed because of the ramp in the front. The problem being that it was too steep.
I learned, a very long time ago, that the ratio is one inch to one foot. That way the distance is not too long and it is actually doable by the person who requires it. This particular ramp was much steeper: probably two inches per foot. The difference does not sound much on paper, but I was unable to do it most of the time unassisted.

I digress. The food was amazing, the decor was great, and the employees were great. My only complaint was that the show was governed by two speakers that, while doing a great job, were not quite strong enough. Though the venue was far from huge, some of the lows got lost in the mix and the highs either over powered or could not compete with the drums.

So, the event was beautiful, but onto what happened to my chair.
Because of the water and salt (and winter), my front wheels have a nice collection of buildup around the pins that hold the wheels in place. This has brought speed down significantly and made movement of any kind roughly twice as taxing.
So, what does this mean?
I am getting the chair repaired on Tuesday. The bolt is stuck, and not my PSW or I can get it off. I know the whole procedure will take only a moment, and I am very frustrated I cannot just do it myself.
In the mean time, I am in relative seclusion. It is very depressing. I do not mean to whine, but I mean to whine. Video games, homework and music can only keep ones attention for so long.
Thank God, the wheels are not too locked up to prevent me from getting sustenance, but I cannot get to the school (which is only 100m away).
I have had requests for a video for the maintenance done on my chair, and I am already planning how I am going to go about this in theory. I think I will film it while sitting on the edge of the bed. Hopefully, the angle will be satisfactory.

In website news
I started a Patreon. I’ll be making a post about it later, to explain it better. Basically, it is a kind of subscription service that I am setting up to offset the costs involved in keeping this blog going.
Like I said, more on that soon.
I want to do interviews with other people who have just started using a wheelchair for other angles and ways of dealing with situations that can arise. Please let me know if you have a story to share!

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