Issues Around Work

This is a piece I was avoiding writing. I wanted to make sure that my thoughts were pure and not just an angry rant. I do not want to damage any reputations or burn any bridges.

I have a mild discrepancy with my old place of employment.

Now, before I continue: I have to talk them up.

I landed in hospital rather abruptly. The only signs that things were going south were I was late to work twice: That is something I did not ever do. Really, if it was not me, no one would have looked up. I did eventually go in, and I was “okay”, kind of.

When I was in hospital, they paid me for four months, in full, which was fantastic. All there legal obligations were hit: all there I’s were dotted and T’s crossed.

I talked to the owner the May of 2014. I wept a bit because it was just so fantastic to hear his voice and to know that, as soon as I was up and going, I was welcomed back.

It is one thing to know that it is the law, in instances like this, to accept an employee back. It is another feeling entirely to know you are welcomed back and your boss looks forward to your return.

I got out of hospital in August and called in September. I called my boss and let him know of that. I reassured him of my will (or need) of getting back to work, and he sounded happy that was still the case. He informed me that he wanted to come out to see me ASAP, but wanted to wait for the Christmas rush to end first.

You see, in a retail environment, Christmas starts in September and goes through January. I knew this, and was very accepting of this. I was not planning to see him, I was just calling to keep him in the loop. I assumed that it was what he would have wanted.

I called several months later to follow up. I talked to his second in command who assured me that he would call me back.

I have heard nothing since.

Take that how you will, but I feel abandoned. I feel as if I have done something wrong. It has been too long for me to call out of the blue and be “uh… WTF?” but I feel as if I should say something. Instead, I am writing this entry about it, with no assumption that anything will change.

I still want that coffee.

UPDATE: The owner of the company called my mom the other day. He has her number because she was the main contact when I was in hospital. He was told to call me, which he did not do.

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