Johnny is one of my oldest friends. I met him back in grade five when I transferred from Preston Public School to St. Josephs. I was having a rather difficult time making friends, and he was willing, nay, happy to take me under his wing.

Ridiculously smart and very cynical, Johnny was never afraid of offending someone to make light of a situation. He was also incredibly intelligent: Intimidatingly so. He has been designing web sites by HTML since since the age of ten or so, and creating his own electronica since the age of fifteen.

One thing he will always be fantastic about is making you notice reality. The way Johnny regards life and situations is blunt and specific. It is quite refreshing considering most people you come across in life are either very apathetic or hyper particular. When I was having a brutal day, Johnny always had a way of making me realize every situation I was in was temporary.

Johnny and I drifted apart a bit in high school. This was mostly due to us exploring different avenues of life and, therefore, having different interests. Not really conflicting, just different. With that said, we both got heavily into philosophy around that time. This meant that when we did get together, we could spend hours debating the realities of life and the specifics of faith.

Johnny and I did not see each other for about four years when he got to University. I was on tour, he was broke, and life in general just made our interactions next to impossible. We would hear about the other through people.

When I ended up in hospital, Johnny came to visit me a few times. I was unable to express, at the time, just how much that meant to me. I hope that he understands how much he has always meant to me.


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