Sarah is the older sister of a friend of mine, though I met her first.

We played on a soft ball team together many years ago. I do not remember the time overly well, but her smiling face permeates my memories that I do have. We went to elementary school and high school together, but were from different friend groups and did not talk much.

AFTER HIGH SCHOOL she became a regular at my store. Well, the guy she was seeing at the time was a regular, and she just came in with him pretty close to every time.

Oh, how we would talk and joke whenever we crossed paths! Seeing her was a bright part of my week, and I made sure to talk to her as much as I could when she came through.

I really wish we had adventures, but we always saw each other during some engagement that we could not leave. I know we would be closer than we are, but I am just happy to have her in my life at all. She is one of the few people that just understands parts of my life that I cannot describe further.

“I’m doing poorly in school, ya know?”
“Yeah, it’s because of this thing.”

That sums up a good portion of our conversations.

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