I would be lying if I denied thinking of writing “I HAVE EYES” and calling it a day.

I have had “amazing” eyes since my birth. I have been to many optometrists and ophthalmologists over the years: all of them claim my eyes were great. I got my drivers license and have never worn glasses a day in my life.


Hilariously, doctors and opticians are quick to blame the encephalitis disrupting my optic nerve. I have been complaining about having issues seeing all my life and have always been ignored and labeled as “someone who cries wolf.”

I have a nestigma. It is where my eyes do not collect light on the same angle, and are always trying to focus with the other. This leads me to having “elevator eyes” or eyes that will not look forward. Couple that with a bit of an estigma, and my eyes are a recipie for disaster behind the wheel.

Am I near or far sighted?

I guess if I had to choose a distance, it would be close up that I see better. To be fair, I cannot see a damned thing at any distance.

I find it hilarious that I drove for seven years and went across province with eyes that are sub-par. I have had hundreds of lives in my hands, and I was physically unfit to have that kind of responsibility.

Now, my perscription is light, kind of. My left eye has only the lens of reading glasses. My right eye, a fact that fucked with everyone, is the one with the most issue. The lens still does not have a large persciption, but it is beveled. This is to refract the light and it is supposed to assist in focus, which it does.

Sick confession: I have always wanted a pair of glasses. I hated sunglasses, however. I have always wanted the simple, almost invisible, and quite fashionable frames. I think it is from growing up and my mother needing a pair always.

My point is: glasses are cool. And by cool, I mean I need and like them.


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