~Book Writing

Like I mentioned here, I am writing a book. I am trying to go off of memory, so parts of it are fragmented, parts are hallucinations, and parts are exaggerations. The end, however, should be the way the tale unfolded for me, and through my eyes.

I will keep writing here, as well. I will try to keep this blog dealing with day to day things, opinions, laws, and life in a wheelchair now.

The book will be dealing with more of what happened and deals more with the confusion that I felt day to day.

My goal is to have the written part done by the end of April, the fact checking, editing, and publication done by the end of May.

So far, it is giving me an excuse to listen to the albums I have neglected to get through, as well as isolation.

Again, the Patreon allows me the freedom to continue with the updates, and also will supplement the time I need to write this book

Patreon supporters will get a copy of the finished product, as well as a thank you in the final release. If it sells well digitally, I will look into a small run of physical copies. As it stands, however, that will cost far too much for me to handle at the moment.

It makes far too much sense for me to do this independently for the first little bit. I have always done music that way, and want to keep the DIY part of me going.

What have I learned so far?

My memory of events is distorted. I showed my mom, and she instantly pointed out three events that I have happening at the wrong time.


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