Story About a Story


I have spent the equivalent of days writing my book. All together, I estimate I have put about 48 hours worth of writing into it. I am both at a miraculous 10 000 words and ONLY at 10 000 words.

My goal is to have it written by the end of May, and I want it to be edited and published by the end of June.

If all goes well, and I can afford it, I am going to be doing a physical release as well as a digital one.

There is something fantastic about writing at this level. I am in relative isolation, I have music playing, and I can go about it with no regard for an audience right now. I lined up a publisher who will assist with getting an editor. They have fantastic connections to book stores, printing presses, and other bits that will assist in publication. The only downside is that it is still a form of self-publication, and I will need to front almost 10 000 dollars to get this project to a finished form.

I guess my end point is that now is really the time to consider giving to my Patreon campaign. Thank you for putting up with my ramblings for the last year!

I am posting my progress on the right hand side. I will update it every couple of days. That will HOPEFULLY push me to write.

Current word count at time of writing this: 11,734


So, I fucked up.

Re-reading what I have done today, I end a chapter with an event, then start the next one with the event reworded. I fixed it, but now I am going to have to re-read everything to see if I do it again.

I know you were very interested


I am done the writing the hospital chapters this week.

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