An Apology


I feel like that last post was, in many ways, a failure. I have read it over since its posting, and I hate it. It was scattered and flakey. There was no purpose, even though it started hinting at one time and time again.

I think that the book really did take a lot out of me. It is not very long: roughly eighty pages. It was still, however, deep enough for me to get lost in it.

That is not really an excuse, just an explanation as to why that last bit was lack-lustre. I am embarrassed, and it will never happen again.

In the future, I will just simply post that I need some time to re-coup, and take down notes if I have an idea. That way, I will not mar your day with nonsense.


  • I looked at an appartment with Natasha. We like it. If all goes well, it is ours at the end of the month.
  • I finished my book and sent it off for editing. I will post more news when I have more news.

Patreon. I do not deserve the recognition right now, but I will put this here in case.

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