I’m Back.

Hello hello hello everybody! I hope you have been well!

I’d be lying if I said I was. Natasha and I have looked at two apartments and were thwarted both times. They asked us for co-signers. I do not think it is hard to believe that we, at pushing 30, do not have the connections and ties to make those happen. Please do not fret: we will be fine. I am just freaking out a bit.

TO ADD TO THE FREAK-OUT! I got kicked out of the programme I was in. My average was considered too low, so I was “forcibly withdrawn.” The notification e-mail was obviously computer generated and impersonal.

WHAT AM I DOING TO FIX IT? I have a life here in Hamilton. As much as I bash this city, I do really like the connections I have here. No, I have not really explored the downtown in the condition I am in, but I was planning to venture out when I had my own space to populate with everything I amass.

I signed up with Mac Wheelers officially and have a physical on Friday, May sixth. What Mac Wheelers can be described as is “a gym for people in wheelchairs.”

I am aware it is more than that. It is just easier to put it that way.

Now, I have to apologize again:┬áthis was far from the large update I had promised. I have good news, however! My grandmother opened her eyes! She is still in hospital as I write this, but it’s a start!

BREAKING NEWS May 3rd, 2016
My grandmother is officially off of the vent!


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