I have decided that I will be keeping this more as a blog for the time being. I really do not have much to comment about my wheelchair situation, so I will not grasp at straws.

By the time this posts, the book will be out. I am excited/nervous/exhausted. I have done the independent art scene for over ten years, so I kind of know how this will go. I would love to be proven wrong in my assumptions. I am NOT expecting much to come out of this release, but I feel like it needs to happen. I have the general outline for my next project mostly figured out, which is kind of nice, I think?

I started my next project with just an idea for a plot: no underlying message or mission. I have since come up with a concept that I am hesitant to share because I am still trying to figure out if I want people to even know.

Please: let me know if you, at least, want the concept.

My girlfriend and I got denied another apartment the other day. I would be more aggravated, but I am getting used to the rejection. We have a theory that it is because we are both on government assistance for the time. My frustration sets in because that is guaranteed money that will only stop when we say stop. I have not gotten anything from my publisher as of yet, so I cannot put that on my application. I guess it is just continuing to go about life until that glorious day. I promise you, as soon as we get confirmed for it, I will be making a large post talking about how great everything will be. Shortly after that, I will start moaning about being broke.

Oh! In relation to pre-orders (hardcover/softcover): I put out an e-mail earlier today asking when release of those will be a thing. Being as today is Sunday, however, I did not hear anything back. As soon as I know what is going on, I will be sure to post something.


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