Stuff I Have Done

Is there really rhyme or reason for this list? No. It is just a reminder for me to fix up my library, post the other two ACU albums, and find the Storybook Heroes album. Next week, I will be posting about my time at Mohawk. This week was busy, so I just smashed out this recap.

All Cut Up
Self-Esteem EP (2006)
Songs for Nigel EP (2006)
ST (2007)
Nuthouse EP (2008)

Storybook Heroes
EP (200x)*

Livestalk & the Bodies
Eudaimonia (2011)

The Twin
The EP (2010)
Intermissions EP (2011)
Inner Demons (2013)

Chance Procedures

*I do not have a release date or link for the album. I am sure that, if one exists, I’ll get notified soon.


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