The Last Week

The title of this can be taken two different ways: either a recap of the events of the last week, or the final week that can be.

So, I have finally and officially left Mohawk College res and am living at home for two weeks until I get an apartment in Burlington. It is kind of strange, not being left totally alone whenever I want to be. It is quite nice, however. The not having to make my coffee for myself for the first time in a year is very strange.

I have to extend my thank you to everyone who worked the front desk at the Residence & Conference Centre. They were all so very kind and fun to talk to. I consider them my friends, and will miss each one very dearly.

I also have to say thank you to my group of friends. You made everything more fun and palatable. Not to mention inappropriate and glorious. Nothing too bad, I swear. Yes, there were times I was tempted to thrash my voice exclaiming inappropriate things at certain people, but it was all worth it for the company of the rest.

What have I learned in the last year? Well, that I am able to do a lot more than I thought I could. I lived on my own for just shy of a year and did not die!

OH! I also met the love of my life. Natasha Soulis and started dating soon after I got to residence. It was love at first sight.

She’s funny, she’s cute, she’s amazing. I asked her to marry me back on the 19th of August, and she said yes! What a great thing. To be honest, I do not have words to describe how happy this situation has left me.


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