Help Request

I have started writing my second book, and it is going moderately well.

I spent 10 years in the Canadian Independent music scene, so I am writing about my journeys in that. Now, I have most of the timeline figured out, and I am writing characters instead of “the hero” which is proving more difficult than I expected, simply because I have to dodge liable and copy-write infringement.

WITH THAT SAID! Please pass along stories to pad out my writing! Please help me to do this!

I am 11 pages deep (4000 words) and I have many stories still to share and places to elaborate. I would just like to know if people are interested in something like that.

ALSO: Please pass along any publishing information you have. I like Friessen Press, but I am not married to them yet. Since it is considered “self-publishing,” they do not do anything in the world of advertising and major distribution is left to me. I have talked to a few stores about carrying “You’re Not Dead” but they say no as soon as they see that the distribution is out of the states. This means they are fantastic for Amazon, Barns & Noble, etc. but not so great with The Book Express, for example. I would love to say that I am going to keep writing for all time, but being financially responsible for publication is taking its toll.

I digress: I am writing something new is the overall message I am trying to say. Though it is still in the early stages, I hope to have it ready for editing by December.

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