Owed, Deserved, Rights

I have spent most of my morning thinking about terms like “life owes me.” or “I deserve this.” I am not quite sure why I have been stuck on those ideas: maybe because everyone has used those terms when talking about me. Regardless, I have been dwelling and kind of steaming over the concepts.

My first axe to grind is that they seem like juvenile phrases. Owed, and by extension deserved, seem like catch all phrases thrown around by people to express how the results are not what they wanted. They seem to be used a lot in situations surrounding a gratuitous amount of work or some sense of entitlement. Responses in relationship to these mindsets are nothing less than selfish and rather demeaning to society at large for not agreeing. I feel like, especially deserved, is used wrong in common conversation.

To say something is deserved, we are assuming that the outcome that happened has little bearing on what the greater opinion is of it. For example, I have put over 60 hours of work into the first All Cut Up CD which only sold maybe 20 copies in the nine years it has been available. By definition, I should feel like it, and therefore I, deserved higher sales and more notoriety. That is silly. Yes, I put over 60 hours into it: that does not mean everyone should love it. It does not mean everyone should buy it. It definitely does not mean that it should never be pirated or streamed. It was a passion. It was fun. I learned a great deal about the music industry and the process of creating a CD. Without that experience, the first Twin CD may not have done as well as it did. In turn, the second. (At this point I would like to state how neither did very well sale wise, but they did better.)

To say we are owed a good day is to assume that things are geared directly towards us. This means every action that everyone makes is intended to impact us and our day. This is saying how there is no free will, no personal choice, and no individual thought. To say that we are owed is incredibly selfish and is basically saying that our actions are to benefit everyone around us. Could one not think that if they are owed that everyone around them is also owed?

There is a major difference between being owed and a right. Rights exist to explain what is required to survive in this world. The Basic Human Rights are a list that details what a human is required to live a standard of life. It does not include, in any way, how the day should go. In my opinion, those are the only things you are actually owed. It is actually a good read, and rather humbling. They cement what we should actually care about, instead of what we want to care about. To realize that there are places in the world where one, if not several, of these are ignored is astounding. To state that you are owed one of these 30 things is understandable. Not not be granted one of these 30 things is deplorable. I have read this list of articles several times in the last year, and I have found a few things that are bent: even in the west. Hell: Article 25 dealing with healthcare is, at times, almost completely ignored.

If you have made it through this rant, you may have noticed that I have gone on tangentsĀ all over the place. I do not pretend that I have much knowledge in these dealings, I just wanted to rant and start conversation over, what I consider to be, the most important collection of guid lines that we, the human race, have come up with.

*gets off soap box*

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