It was my birthday on the 12th! Thank you for the well wishes and happy regards. I was unable to write a post because of the distraction, however. I think I will just use the time slot to advertise and whore myself out a bit!

I do have a book out. It is not available at stores as of right now. The cost is way too high for me right now. With that said, it is available online! I have listed all the stores here. That is also the main website and I put some book-related blogs on there. I am currently writing another book. I cannot, however, decide between a fiction on isolation or another recap this time on the ten years I spent in the music industry. The music one is started, but not expanded. The isolation idea is just that, but I cannot stop being excited about the prospect.

The other idea I have had is to start a general blog showcasing books and things of that nature. That will not be a thing for AT LEAST another year, but does anyone have any thoughts or feels on that idea?


I am sorry. I will try to have something with greater purpose next week.

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