So Close…

If, by some strange chance, you have counted all my post, you are insane! Also, you would have noticed that this is post 97. I want to have something exciting for 100, but I do not have any ideas yet. Anyone think of anything? Leave me a comment below or get a hold of me on FaceBook. I mean, we are still three weeks off. However, it is never too soon to plan thing!

So, what do I have lined up today? Well, I was on a friends podcast the other day. Number 159, and I am part of the worst one I have listened to thus far (and I think it went very well).

I ranted and raved about the stuff covered in my book. This fact should not be a shock to anyone. I also spoke briefly about what music means to me and how much it means. Plus, I got to rant and rave about things I feel passionate about. Let me know what you think!

Other than that, I have just been hanging out with my two dogs and my cat whilst doing housekeeping things. I lead a very uninteresting life right now. I have started a couple first chapters of book ideas. Nothing is really sticking

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