I guess this is more of a “rant” than my usual writings. I found myself pondering why I cannot seem to leave this world of art, whether performance or otherwise.

It is like a parasite. You end up giving everything you have, especially your money, and get beaten down with every step you take. That is a risk you take when you display/perform your art to a public forum.

But why depressed artists?
Of course, I can only answer for myself. I, luckily, find that very simple to answer. Depression really is the best emotion to be in when you delve into emotions and life. Simply because it is introspective. It is humbling. It is stronger than everything you have experienced.

Simply put, it is when the great things happen. I have written everything I have ever been apart of in a less-than-stellar mindset. I do not need mending, I just need to find “that place” to make sure everything comes out in a way that will not make me cringe in a couple of days. It is much easier to look back on something serious and calm as opposed to happy and frantic.

Maybe I’m just doing it wrong?

What about you? Are you an artist? If the answer is yes, than what mindset do you find it easier to create things in? Am I totally out to lunch?

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