My sense of humour is very dark. I can find something hilarious in literally everything. Someone pointed out how my book was “kind of funny” and I was astounded that it took someone this long to figure out that I found the situation funny.

To be clear: my humour is pointed at myself usually. I will laugh at horrible situations because I find the reaction I would have pathetic and cliché. That is what I find funny, not what someone else went through.

Know what is not funny? Malicious jokes. Unnecessary comments. Bigotry. I find these things and a few others to be the lowest common denominator. Otherwise, I think it is all fair game. This is why I have such a hard time with this “PC” movement. All because you are not saying horrible things does not mean that you aren’t thinking horrible things. When said out loud, they can be corrected. You can only teach those who you know you can teach. Nothing frustrates me more than someone taking a joke out of context, or not realizing it’s a joke (honestly).

The absolute best was I made a slight at myself and my friend exclaimed that I shouldn’t do that. My retort was “you’re right. I might offend someone in a wheelchair.” They deemed that way too offensive, because it meant that, somehow, I was attacking them.

I guess my end point was know your audience. Also, know who you are talking to.

Re-read my blog. Read my book. The entire time, realize I am dictating everything with a huge smile on my face.

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