I’m Making A Video

Hello, everyone!

As the title states, I am going to create a Vlog (does anyone say “vlog” anymore?) for next week instead of doing an update in my traditional fashion! Why? I have never really done it before with the exception of one review I did for Mind the Music TO.

Do you have any questions you have always wondered? Please leave them somewhere I can see them! The recommendation is to comment here, but either on my Facebook or on the You’re Not Dead page is acceptable. If this goes well, I will do another one and (hopefully) get better at it as time goes on!

Incase you care: Yes, my camera sucks. Yes, my microphone sucks. I am going to play with the audio to make it better, I hope, but it will still be subpar.

I state again, please ask me questions to be answered in the video. I have plans, but I am going to be scripting and editing all week!

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