An interesting development…

I was told three years ago that I got Viral Meningoencephalitis. The very confusing part to me was the meningitis part: I was vaccinated by meningitis back in high school.

The stupid thing I did was forget the “Viral” part.

Vaccines don’t do anything to viruses. Though, in theory, my system was better equipped for the ensuing onslaught, there was no protecting me from a virus. This also means that what I was afflicted with was not lifestyle but exposure.

I am well aware how silly all this must sound to some of you. I can almost hear the chorus of “no shit..” coming from the masses. This was something never properly explained to me and, therefore, I was very confused.

So, what does this mean?


It does, however, give me a bit of peace, in a strange way.


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One thought on “An interesting development…

  1. Hey; thank you for the kind words!
    I am more than willing to answer any questions you have about the ailment precisely. Well, as much as I can. I do not pretend to have a medical background, I cannot even spell half the words that are in my medical history, having to reference previous mentions for spelling and better definitions. At the very least, I hope you find the reading interesting and thought-provoking.
    I mention in the “FAQ” part that I update update Sundays. Though I have been notorious for missing this restriction I have given myself, I try to make a post a week at the very least.
    I look forward to further interaction! Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.


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