I re-read a blog I did back in October where I mentioned that I was working on a book detailing my 10 years in the Ontario music scene. I even hinted that I might be done a month after the posting.


The disappointing part about that work was that I got stuck in a place where I could not mention a massive part of a band I was in due to 1. copyright and 2. risk of libel. It was crushing. I could half-get around the copyright thing by giving it another name. The libel, unfortunately, is only that because I cannot prove my points. It, unfortunately being true or not, shaped events and decisions that were made after that point.

So, needless to say, I’m not doing that one anymore. I’m sorry to those who were involved and to those who actually wanted my perspective. They were an interesting 10 years, especially the parts that could get me into legal trouble.

I might go ahead and write it all out anyway, and just skip that two-year period. If I do go ahead with that, I will not release it through Friessen. I can, with great confidence, say that I am working on something. I am just shy of 100 pages in and absolutely love the ideas I have. The people I have shown it to seem to enjoy it, as well. I have some major kinks to work out still, but I am happy to say that I am making good progress with that one.

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