How to Write a Book

I was asked by a person recently about how they should go about finishing something they started writing and left long ago. Two things came across my mind:

  2. I can only relay what I have been doing for myself, but it does seem like a sound idea. I have written a good chunk (if not all) of my plot down as thoroughly as I could. From there, I plan on leaving it alone for a bit, get a few of my friends to read it over and give feedback, then filling it out. Will that be a good plan? Probably not. My hope is that it will give me the clarity to critically look at my work and rip it apart. I want to entertain me first, then others. I do not want to spoil things, but what I am writing runs the risk of being complex and convoluted. I need to make sure it makes sense, and the only way I can do that is to read it after a long break from working on it. So far, Bekki, Joel, and Steve have all given me input on what I should flush out and pushed me to clean up areas that do not seem to flow. There are still areas that I know of, but I am going to leave them alone for right now. I am writing in piecemeal (maybe 100 words at a time only) to make sure there is some consistency in the tone.


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