I hate this place…

Yes: I never seem to be happy where I live. Sometimes, I do not realize that I could have been happy if I tried harder until I leave. Sometimes, I am bang on with my assessment.

Burlington is nice for Ables. It is a pretty city close to many other interesting cities. It has many awesome things (Ikea, some awesome concerts…), but it has a couple of MAJOR drawbacks for me. The biggest one is the transportation around here.

It has happened several times: I have to be somewhere, and there are no ways for me to get there. The bus is a bit too far from the destination to make the trip worth it and there is only one wheelchair cab which is booked. I mean, I get only having one accessible cab if you do not have the demand for more, but it always seems to be booked when I need it.

The other night, we wanted to see a movie. Several hours before the movie we had tickets to started, I called to book a cab for 1830.  It was schedueled for that time, so we would have to take it at 1800, which is annoying but doable.

The required trip home would have to be at 2245: they had nothing after the 1800 time they gave me. We would have been fine with a time after 2300, but the cabs stop running at 2300 for the wheelchair rides, and they gave no other options. Basically, people in wheelchairs have a deadline to get home by 2300 or be stuck.

Now, I am not saying that I do not fully understand: I, myself, am in bed by 0000 most nights and do not expect cabs to run all hours of the night. It would be nice, however, to know that I would not be stuck if I was out one night. It would be nice to just have the option. As it stands, I cannot go to a concert or to a bar because, if it ran over that 2300 time, I would be stuck wherever I might be. Frustrating? HELL YES.

Let’s be real: who needs a life anyway?

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