I Find That Hilarious

I got thinking about what exactly I find funny.

I’m not sure why. Maybe it was Idea Channel dissolving slowly, maybe it was people (in my mind, anyway) not reading my posts in the right way. Maybe it was my wife saying that a large percent of what I was saying is NOT* funny.

*yes, she emphasizes the not.

Do I think I am hilarious? No. I actually think that I am extremely not funny. I do, however, relay to the people around me what I find funny.

Let me make something as clear as I can: LIFE IS HILARIOUS!

I’m in a wheelchair! Plus I’m epileptic! I say these things NOT for sympathy, but I do say it because it is funny as hell!

…but am I afraid…?

Yes. Everyday is terrifying for me. What if I have a seizure and no one is around? What if I cannot perform a simple task BECAUSE of the wheelchair? Am I more fucked that even I realize?

Is that not FUNNY to you?

That’s why I write, to be honest. To have everyone know that life is fleeting, you WILL die, and something horrible will happen in your life — you may as well find all aspects of it funny.

A good joke doesn’t hurt anyone. As Jimmy Carr said, “offence is taken.” Jokes are occasionally, yes, at someones expense, but the “victim” knows that it is a joke. Hurting someone intentionally is NEVER funny. You really cannot fight me on this and have me agreeing with your side.

Anyway: that’s my ramble for the week. I’m sorry this was so unfunny, it was on my mind this week.

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