Two in One. (Patreon Supporters)

I got arrogant in my not-updating. I neglected to say thank you to Martha and Jacob for their contributions!

I do not have much story to tell of either. Martha is Katies mom, and I respect her to an extreme degree with no real rhyme or reason. Jacob I know I know exactly who that is. Unfortunately, I am stupid and forget how. I do remember that I met him while i was in The Twin. He has always been that person online that I go “OH SHIT! JACOB! and that is quickly followed by “howdoiknowhimfuckjayyouaresodumbsayhi…” Either way thank you to both of you. Martha gave me an outline for the next ansP that is due in February, and Jacob has chosen the perk to be an antagonist.

I am having a lot of fun with Martha’s story direction, and I am probably going to make Jacob a disgusting, vile human being. Or he will be misunderstood. Or, he’ll just be doing his job. WHO KNOWS?!

Anyway, thank you to both of you for support and love. And to everyone else, thank you for coming back every week to see what I am up to. It really is a huge part of why I keep doing this. The last year has been huge for my family, for me, and for everyone that I keep in contact with. I think it is fair to assume that 2019 will also be full of interesting advancements in our lives. I know that I am have some ideas to share that I have on a pedestal in my mind.

Anyway, I am not going to ramble too much. Standard year-end post will be posted on the 31st.

Side note — I only picked up one album that was released this year! That hasn’t happened in over a decade!

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