The Time I Actually Got Angry

It feels like I am full of rage, but I actually take life in stride. There are not too many situations that fill me with anger. Most of the time, I just get depressed and seem short to end situations instead of dealing with them.

This is not one of those times

This was near the end of my adventure. I was doing some outpatient at Freeport in Kitchener. This particular day, I was going up and down the parallel bars. This one gentleman, who I will not even pretend to diagnose but was clearly paraplegic, asked me half way down the short track and asked “What happened to you?”

I did not really care that much. It’s a fair question to ask of another disabled individual. Especially since he did not seem to really care, and was just asking to make conversation.

“No one knows!” I replied, mildly dismissively. I really didn’t mean to be so short, but it’s not much of a secret that Viral Meningoencephalitis is more of a catch all that fits as opposed to an official diagnosis.

He got very angry very quickly. “DUDE. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO TELL ME THEN DON’T, BUT DON’T GIVE ME–“

“No, he’s right.” My Physiotherapist chimed in at this moment. “Beside diagnosis is a giant question mark and a few theories.”

“Oh. I get it, now.” He responded then walked back the other way on the bars.

I was frothing. I actually had to leave my session early because I was so angry. Not because he asked, not because someone else backed up my answer, but because he refused to accept what I had to say as fact. It’s petty, on my end. Very petty, and I am aware. I have always had an issue with my opinion, or facts that I actually know, being ignored. I have always lived with the acceptance that a lie is work, where the truth just is.

I am going to end this rant here, as I really don’t know where else I can go with it. I WOULD like to point out that I spent “meningoencephalitis” almost right the first try. I was off by only two letters!

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