Pi Day and Mild Regrets


It’s a not-real holiday, so if you were out of the loop: you’re forgiven. However! It is the most important date of the year!
(For those who never payed attention in secondary school math, PI is the ratio representing the circumference of a circle. The actual number is infinite, but the first few digits are 3.14)

Now that I have made you feel bad for not celebrating the most interesting ratio in modern mathematics, let’s talk about my regret!

I got the final numbers for the first month of my book being out. I have sold 5 copies. I kind of blame myself for continuing with the title “You’re Not Dead” because now I am wondering if people think that it is the same book.

If you are one of those people: IT’S NOT THE SAME BOOK. I mean, the physical copies even have a different cover! Kind of. They are black and they don’t have “story of a boy” on them, BUT THAT’S CHANGE!

I’m not sure how I would have changed it, anyway. I have decided to go along with my second book, just giving myself a couple of weeks to get back to writing. I still think You’re Not Dead may wind up being one of the best things I write for a while.

I find it sad how often in art that the first project is the best. I realize, as I type, that this case is limited. It does happen, however. I couldn’t express how many first albums are my favourite in a bands discography. Maybe I am equating sequels as equal to stand-alone and separate works. I abdicate that is not fair.

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