Do you own that?

I found myself pondering the idea of ownership in todays economic climate. A climate peppered with electronic downloads of basically any media.

I, myself, am a huge fan of digital: to a point. I have 30-plus days of music in my iTunes library, and my wife and I use Netflix on a near-nightly basis. It is a great way to cut down on clutter, while still consuming all of the media that one wishes.

It comes with a massive downside, however. We own very little media physically. This means that we are at the whim of what a corporation wants us to consume that month. One can argue that I *own* the music files, but that are on an unsecure hard drive. If someone knew how to do it, they could delete large swaths of my music and I probably would never notice.

Counterpoint, if I just owned all of the CDs that I have digital copies of, someone could do the same. The only real counter I can come up with is that I have access to a physical thing. In theory, I actually own a tangeble object as opposed to an etherial representation of one. That is my only real arguement for owning as much vinyl as I do.

It really comes down to the question: are you going to maintain a collection? I take good care of what I have access to physically. I stopped buying video games a couple of years ago, simply because I am more likely to get frustrated with maintaining a collection. I realize that I have shot myself in the metaphoricle foot because I am stuck with the product regardless of opinion, but that is a risk I am willing to take.

If you like physical copies of media: I support you 100%.
If you like digital, I support you 100%.
If you struggle to see the point of why I wrote this: same 100%

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