Little Lights

Maybe it’s the good news that I awoke to this morn (the news of the USA not electing a dangerous mind back to power), but I felt like highlighting some facts that aren’t cause for alarm.

How about the fact that there is a really low chance that anyone else is you? Even twins don’t share a personality, and that person who seems to think just like you has a few differences in something.

Even if you have been uncharacteristically brash over this uncertain period, people still love you. I would go so far as to say that most people understand a lower mood and shorter temper. Even depression and sadness does not retract from just how much you matter.

Weight gain and a diminish of muscle is okay. Gyms have been closed, or at least heavily restricting their patronage.

Weight loss is okay. Some people only eat properly in social situations, and though you should really eat something, you’re beautiful.

Though it feels like it, science is not going anywhere. There are near daily improvements on life, technology is getting better all the time, and space is being explored still everyday.

Music and the arts have taken a huge hit this year in the public space, but people are still creating amazing and beautiful things. If you feel like you have not heard anything new and amazing in a while, ask your friends. I promise that someone has found something fantastic.

It feels like mental illness is being talked about more now than it has ever. Yes, it feels like it is around every courner, but the truth is that it has always been there. We are finally noticing things that we have been ignoring for years, and that’s great!

I will end this collection on that point. The truth is that there are so many amazing things that can be experienced in this life, and you will never experience everything. I am trying not to dwell on what comes in the next month. The thought of tomorrow alone scares me to no end. I just have to remember these things, and I need you to remember these things.

As a final reminder — reach out to someone if you need to.

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