I Crave Your Privledge

I was faced with the only phrase that rivals my hatred for the term “better” and I feel I have to rant about it in a way that I can actually say all my thoughts without being interrupted.

I have a special kind of hate when people say the words “…if I had your life I would…” because it makes NO sense. I realise that I had more avenues open to me than some, and I realise that it could be seen as I skwandard most, if not all, potential in my life. To claim that if you ‘had my life I would have…’ is incredibly short-sighted and brazen.

If you really did live the life I lived, exactly like how you are implying, then you would end up just as me. There is a reason, in every life, that everything turns out the way it does. Yes: in some situations (most situations) it is a direct result to the options you have available to you at the start. Yes, there are stories of people overcoming adversity and achieving great things, but there is a reason you know those stories: they are the outliers. They are so special that the gravity of what they imply needs to be shared with the world.

To assume I let things get away from me because I am lazy, or I messed things up, ignores any hardship that I may have faced. The statement that I did something wrong assumes that you know the working of my brain when faced with adversity.

To be clear; I am not saying that is always an excuse. I am not saying that is a full excuse for why I, for example, have been to college 3 times, university once, and don’t have a diploma or any other sort of credential to my name. That is not an excuse why I have performed on 10 recordings, yet my name is far from a household name. I have the kind of brain that holds out hope that I can do something in the arts, and the arts are one of the few industries where luck really does play a role in the way everything turns out. For instance; I have recorded at least 5 songs that I was CONVINCED should have been top ten material.

I am losing my original point. Assuming that you could have done more with someone’s life and privilege than they have IGNORES everything they may have gone through.

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