The most magical time of year

Fuck me, I’m excited!

Starting next month, I am posting a depressing thought every week!

I am not doing this to ruin your day. I am not posting them for some sort of morbid cry for help. I am not doing it because I find some great amusement from doing so.

I post them every year (well, for the last three years, anyway.) because I think it is…important… or something…

It is easy to find reasons to be happy. Yes, it is easy to tune in to news programs and see things that ruin your day, as well. I find it therapeutic to remember that there are things that no one can control. I actually find great soothing in knowing that, sometimes, things are just shitty. That there are things that everyone experiences, and even the greediest person alive will have to deal with something that I post.

I will admit, there is one thing I wrote this year that does not affect everyone equally. However, the ratio of 1 to 5 is pretty okay with me! I like the idea of just passing!


I extend my hand asking for Patreon donations to keep my head above water. Your support keeps my pets fed, and a roof over my wife, who cannot work right now for world-ending reasons. Also, a friendly reminder that my podcast is up on YouTube for enjoyment of all. I am doing a new one soon, so look there to get caught-up!

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